Просмотр полной версии : Albrecht AE-485 S стоит на сетке =Н= 28 315--28 755 кгц.

08.01.2012, 11:14
Как ее открыть ? И буду благодарен за сервис-мануал на русском языке...
Спасибо !

Сергей RA3TMO
08.01.2012, 12:52
Внимательно прочитайте . Там всё есть , что Вам нужно...
http://service.alan-electronics.de/Amateurfunk/AE485S/ (http://service.alan-electronics.de/Amateurfunk/AE485S/)

Сергей RA3TMO
08.01.2012, 14:01
Или вот тут :

User information for Albrecht 10 m transceivers Frequency extension to 454 Channel system
All our 10 m all mode transceivers AE 485 S, AE 497 S and AE 201S can be switched temporarily from frequency mode 28-29.7 MHz into "channel mode". The Est of frequencies and channels can be found on the next page.
After the conversion, the radio can be used from 25.165 MHz to 29 695 MHz. While Albrecht specifications aге onty valid for the amateur range starting with 28.000 MHz, Albrecht cannot guarantee correct operation on extended frequencies, especially on the lower channels. It may happen that the transceiver operate with less performance (output and sensitivity) or does even not lock in on all frequencies outstde of the specified amateur radio range.
Note: Only authorized users are allowed to operate on these frequencies! Even if You should have a valid amateur radio operator's licence it is not allowed to use channels or frequencies outside of the dedicated amateur radio band. The regulations may cary from country to country. Users are requested to fullfill all national user requirements for operating the radio.
Switching to 454 CHANNEL MODE:
AE 201 S:
Just press FUNCTION button, then press CALL and hold this key pressed for about 3 seconds. Release button and the unit works on 454 Channels until the radio
will be later switched off again.
If You have once switched to 454 channels. You can also toggle between channel number and frequency display by pressing FUNCTION + CALL, but this only by touching the call button for short time.
AE 495 S and AE 497 S: same procedure, but here the correct buttons are the "FUNCTION" and the "2" buttons.

10.01.2012, 02:21
Большое спасибо! Эту инфу через поисковики я не находил...
Благодарю за участие!
Удачи !

10.01.2012, 03:54
Здравствуйте, как раскрыть HTX-10? Американский близнец указанных станций.

10.01.2012, 06:03
посмотрите тут http://www.kb2ljj.com/data/tandy/htx-10.htm . не буду утверждать, но у этой станции было много версий, по-моему попадались и такие, которые немодифицируемые.