Просмотр полной версии : TS-440S

25.06.2006, 13:07
Отсутствует диод D77 на плате Control Unit(X53-1450-00)(B/2) Для чего он нужен? И что
означает "memory protect" диод D67.
Заранее благодарен. :)

19.01.2007, 14:30
Diode options: There are a bunch of configuration options controlled by clipping or inserting diodes on the back of the control board. You get to it by taking the top and bottom covers off (a bunch of silver screws), loosening the front panel (4 flat-head silver screws, NOT the black ones). Then you have:

diode controls in out (cut)
----- -------- ---------- ----------
D65 mode confirmation Morse single beep
D66 display resolution 100 Hz 10 Hz
D67 memory protect none on
D73 CW shift 800 Hz 400 Hz
D78 WARC 24MHx band tx disabled enabled
D79 WARC 18MHz band tx disabled enabled
D80 General Coverage tx disabled enabled