Просмотр полной версии : Геминиды 2016

13.12.2016, 02:08
Для информации заинтересованным, в проведении MS QSO (SWL):
Метеорный поток Геминиды, высокая интенсивность -ZHR=120, "виден" с 4 по 17 декабря, пик максимума 14.12.2016г.

December is, as usual, characterized by the return of one of the most active (and probably the most reliable) major annual showers: the Geminids.
Geminids maximum is expected to occur on December 14th, 00h20m UT, with ZHR = 120 hr-1 at peak. Since the peak has shown slight signs of variability in its rates and timing in recent years, please note that the more reliably-observed maxima during the past two decades have all occurred within the range λsol = 261.5 and 262.4 degs, equivalent to 2016 December 13th, 08h UT to December 14th, 05h UT. Near-peak rates usually persist for almost a day, while fainter meteors should be most abundant almost a day ahead of the visual maximum. The Geminids peak is typically quite broad (thus ensuring a several-days-long period of good MS activity), although the rates sometimes decay fairly quickly after the maximum.

Чат, для скедов и наблюдений http://www.on4kst.org/chat/start.php
p.s. хорошая активность на 50 и 144MHz уже наблюдается с 10.12.2016

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