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Тема: Анализатор EU1KY, измененный DH1AKF

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    Цитата Сообщение от yl3fk Посмотреть сообщение
    на TP4056
    Есть доработка 4056.
    Актуально при использовании Li-Fe.
    При этом можно заряжать как угодно...
    Прошу прощения за офф!

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    Куплю собранную и настроенную плату с дросселем биноклем до 450 мгц. Предложения в личку. С ув.

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    Аватар для DH1AKF
    Привет, Эдвин, PE1PWF!
    Два вопроса:
    1. Почему вы берете другой позывной, чем ваш? (PE1PFF неизвестен, а не PE1PWF)
    2. В чем причина изменения вашего программного обеспечения, что он должен делать?
    Спасибо за конкретные ответы!
    Вольфганг, DH1AKF

    Hi Edwin, PE1PWF!
    Two Questions:
    1. Why do you take another callsign than yours? (PE1PFF is unknown, and not PE1PWF)
    2. What is the reason for your software modification, what should it do?
    Thanks for concrete answers!
    Wolfgang, DH1AKF

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    Hello Wolfgang, back from vacation?
    I could not see the wrong callsign anywhere, the right callsign indeed is PE1PWF
    Maybe I wrote it wrong somewhere. If it is in some place where I can correct it please let me know.

    Edit, just found the PFF, try without translation from Russian into German and it is PE1PWF....
    I do not understand why that is only in profile name and not the in the text field.

    I did register correctly and it really is me.

    I already send you an email directly.

    Some people had problems storing 260Mhz so I fixed that in the file I posted (if your board would not run up to 270 there was no way to store 260, or I picked the wrong test file). I rather like the fixed values than the discovered ones. Oh, it seems your Save and Exit button does not "light up" when storing the found values is available. (in the most probably latest source I found via your website)
    Ofcource the 260 is not needed when using the find Fmax routine to discover the highest usable frequency.

    I rather use the known settings like 270 1350 which I can manually set wen I am changing firmware's

    Also the serial port stopped working, in post 1180 I tried to explain what I did, translation messed things up a bit.

    I did not like the bandspan numbers. since the display is 8 divisions I rather use 2,4,8,20,40,80 since these devide better by 8 than numbers like 1 10 100 but that is just what I personally prefer.

    Posting my files was just to try and help others that wanted to play with 260Mhz and bluetooth/comport in your absence.

    I also see people posting the use of binoculair cores, I tried some also I found the one I had not suitbale below 600Khz and above 900Mhz
    For now I will stick with the 3 turns on my small core which seem to work fine from 0.1Mhz above 1Ghz any core I tried does not look to great.

    Sorry guys, only English this time, the automated Russian translations tend to make things hard to read.

    73' Edwin PE1PWF
    Последний раз редактировалось Pe1pwf; Вчера в 00:43. Причина: Discovered translation error in registered name

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