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Тема: Omni VII

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    Omni VII

    Ну вот и первый отзыв на Омни 7 появился

    Yesterday afternoon the OMNI VII arrived.

    My XYL had committed me to being the designated driver for her and her
    girlfriends' "night out", so that highly limited my time for playing with
    the new OMNI.

    I currently only have a 40m vertical (full size) and no other rigs to
    compare the OM7 to (except a 20+ year old Argonaut 515 without any narrow
    filters). Next weekend I will take the OM7 to one of our BCC contest
    stations, DL1A on the west side of Munich. There we have beams on all bands
    except 160. For comparing we have an FT-1000 MK5 FD, FT-2000, and Orion.

    Being a 40m fanatic and living in Europe, I have become accustom to
    disappointments when testing new rigs.

    We have a multitude of shortwave broadcast stations which play havoc with
    most receivers' front ends, beginning in the early evening, getting worse at
    dusk, then slowly getting better towards midnight. Attenuation in the front
    end helps, but it also attenuates the desired signal. This can be
    significant if the desired signal is only S1 or S2. That's why the use of
    an external preselector is popular over here.

    Although I had no other "good" radios here to compare it to, I have recently
    owned (within the last 2 years) two Orions, two K2's, an Omni VI+, and a
    TS-480 (and tried a TS-850 but it fell over with intermod problems). The
    comparisons shown below are based on memory, not on side by side comparison,
    so take them with a grain of salt, your mileage may vary, etc.

    Testing was done last night from 5pm until 6pm local, from midnight until
    1am local, and again from 7:30 until 8:30 local this morning.

    I was mostly just receiving and trying hard to find intermodulation problems
    on the OM7.

    The external preselector connected to the OMNI VII is a home brew bandpass
    filter (not tunable), similar to the famous Braun preselectors, but not
    quite as good.


    * There was no blanket of noise across the 40m band (even without the
    external preselector), like there are with so many other rigs. Even
    switching the preamp on did not produce this adverse effect. THIS IS
    SIGNIFICANT! For comparison, on this antenna:

    * The newest K2 (S/N 4606) had about an S1 to S2 blanket of noise
    across the entire band with preamp on. It was generally clean without the
    preamp, except for peak problem times (dusk) where the attenuator or the
    external preselector eliminated the intermod entirely.
    * The TS-480 SAT had about an S5 blanket of noise across the entire
    band with preamp on. With the AIP (preamp off) the radio was also pretty
    clean, except for peak problem times (dusk) where I needed the attenuator.
    I never tried the preselector on this rig. Of course the attenuator also
    attenuates the desired signal but not as much as it attenuates the intermod.

    * The OMNI VI+ was generally clean with perhaps an S1 blanket of noise
    at peak problem times. The attenuator, but better yet, the external
    preselector always eliminated it.
    * The ORION was always clean in all circumstances on my antenna, and
    on DL1A's 3-el beam at 100 ft., exhibits similar light intermod problems to
    what I experienced with the OMNI VII using my vertical. These are completely
    eliminated (on the ORION) by turning back the RF gain to 95%.

    * OMNI VII Intermod: There were a few instances where there was a
    strange carrier (obviously intermod) on the order of S2 to S5, but usually I
    could eliminate it with 6dB (occasionally 12 dB) of attenuation. Of course
    switching the external preselector in also eliminated it without reducing
    the strength of the desired signal. These carriers would go on and off, and
    I have no idea what was causing them, but it was clearly intermod because
    just 6dB of attenuation would drop it several S-Units. Something somewhere
    was mixing with something else. There were 4 or 5 frequencies where I
    experienced this. The rest of 40m was clean, even with preamp switched on.
    worse under these conditions.
    * There was no pumping on strong signals like we experienced on the
    FT-2000. To be fair, that was on DL1A's beam and I haven't tried the OM7
    yet on that antenna (update next week).
    * While I was on 40m, my neighbor ham (Freddy) was on 160m trying to
    work the VK9NDX-pedition. He was running a healthy kilowatt (using my old
    linear amplifier) and our two antennas are about 200 yards apart. When he
    transmitted, the noise level would go up about an S unit or 2, but modulated
    according to his SSB signal or to the cw signal - he used both modes. The
    noise sounded a bit raspy. The preselector eliminated this. For

    * The TS-480 had about an S-8 increase in noise under these conditions
    (in the past of course)
    * I never noticed this on the OMNI VI (over a period of 4 or 5 years)
    unless Freddy was on the same band as I was. Often he was operating SSB
    while I was on CW on the same band. In that case I used my home-brew
    tunable preselector which pretty much eliminated the problem.

    * This morning I heard our BCC boys currently activating VK9NDX and
    worked them first call (cw), barefoot, through a mini pileup.
    * And to my pleasant surprise, the old Argonaut 515 could hear
    everything the OMNI VII could, unless it was disturbed by strong QRM.
    However I had to back off the 515's RF gain and play with its own built-in
    preselector to avoid intermod.

    Bottom Line: This radio is a true Ten-Tec!

    There has been a lot of speculation on the reflector as to whether the term
    "Distributed Roofing Filters" is real value-add or just marketing hype.
    Coupled with careful management of amplification (signal strength) from the
    antenna input through to the second mixer, it becomes very effective, but
    one needs to understand this. It's a slightly different approach. It
    clearly gets the job done, but I think Ten-Tec will have some missionary
    work ahead of them.

    Their main problem is, they did too good of a job in selling the industry on
    the concept of "roofing filter" when they brought out the ORION.

    Next update will be after testing on "real antennas" at DL1A.



    DJ0IP (NJ0IP)

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    Ekaterinburg, Russia
    Оч интересно. Пойду на тентековский сай почитаю что-нибудь про OMNI7
    73, Igor UA9CDC

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    Ekaterinburg, Russia
    Посмотрел. Ну с динамикой не так чтобы очень. Вся фишка во встроенном ethernet. Т.е. аппарат готов работать в remote shack. Только неясно, передается только управление или аудио тоже. Немцы про это ничего не пишут...
    73, Igor UA9CDC

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    По идее весь смысл как раз в том чтобы аудио в voice IP заворачивать, иначе все равно комп со скайпом понадобится.

    Но с другой стороны это не хилый встроенный комп должен быть, как-то слабо верится.

    Жду юзер мануал посмотреть, пока недоступен.

    А динамика да, так себе.

  5. #5
    Американцы супротив японцев по части всех мануалов, все равно что плотник супротив столяра. Ни разу в жизни не видел приличной доки у янок - ни схем, ни печаток, ни чертежей. И ТенТек не исключение.

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    [/quote]Ни разу в жизни не видел приличной доки у янок - ни схем, ни печаток, ни чертежей.[/quote]

    Ну что ж вы, Игорь, забываете ваши же старые тексты...

    " ...описания для наборов Heathkit нужно было бы иметь на столе любому разработчику радиоаппаратуры, как эталон составления документации. Больше ни у кого не приходилось встречать описания, чтобы в них было все так подробно, доходчиво, заботливо описано и проиллюстрировано. Полный дилетант, лишь бы паяльник умел в руках держать, мог собрать и настроить практически любой из наборов Heathkit, в этом и заключалось их прелесть..."


  7. #7
    Цитата Сообщение от Игорь UN7GM
    Американцы супротив японцев по части всех мануалов, все равно что плотник супротив столяра. Ни разу в жизни не видел приличной доки у янок - ни схем, ни печаток, ни чертежей. И ТенТек не исключение.
    Я тоже не видел ни одного сервис мануала тентековского. Даже не уверен, существуют ли они в публичном доступе даже за деньги.
    Но юзер мануалы на уровне практически все на мой взгляд, по крайней мере, hy-gain, ameritron, elecraft, TT, force. Вот к GAP у меня были вопросы, по крайней мере для титана мануал написан на такой американской трасянке что понять его с первого раза было непросто. Хорошо хоть антенна была более или менее простая, но все равно этим колдырям звонить пришлось.

    Пару слов хочу сказать о японских мануалах. В принципе, Icom, Yaesu, Kenwood с задачей справляются, хотя воды хватало особенно в старых кенвудовских мануалах на 930-й/940-й. Но как-то попался мануал от JST-245, это шедевр. Местами как китайская инструкция к "стелькам от гниль нога"

  8. #8
    Цитата Сообщение от RK3DKE
    забываете ваши же старые тексты...
    У меня достаточно хорошая память. Но не надо путать наборы для самостоятельной сборки с готовыми трансиверами. Все доки, что я видел на сегодняшний день, не выдерживают никакой критики. Отвратительное качество схем и чертежей, *****ьная система маркировки разъемов на mainboard и полное отсутствие печаток. До сих пор у ТенТека только какие-то куски схем с разнокалиберными форматами листов и совершенно непонятными надписями и обозначениями. Воистину, без бутылки там не разобраться :-).

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    VII позволяет достаточно просто управлять им удаленно?

  10. #10
    Ау! АУ! Ржавчина на порогах BMW 600 не пугает.

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