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      The ALPIN200 is the new 2KW power amplifier for all amateur radio bands from 1.8MHz to 29.7MHz. Like the ALPIN100-MKII before it, it has high quality components, for example Vacuum relays Gigavac, 2.5kVa high voltage transformer and Pope fan down.

      2 tubes are used making more power available. Moreover, the ALPIN200 has 2 antenna connectors that can be selected using the front panel button. It has a built-in microprocessor that monitors all important operating data and displays it on the LCD display, it also gives tuning indication which simplifies tuning to a frequency. With this microprocessor the ALPIN200 has a comprehensive protection system available that can prevent damage to the amplifier. This constantly monitors the following parameters in operation and issues corresponding error messages and warnings:

      Anode Current, Reflected Power, High Voltage, Fans, Vacuum Relay, G1 & G2 Grid Current, Power Supply, Input Power, RF Anode Voltage & Power, G1 Grid Voltage, Temperature.

      • Frequency Coverage: All Amateur Radio Bands 1.8 - 29.7 MHz
      • Power Output: 2000 Watts CW
      • Output Circuit: Pi-L Network with Matching Capability - VSWR up to 3:1 (16-150 Ohms)
      • Output Impedance: 50 Ohm Unbalanced
      • Input Circuit: Broadband with VSWR less than 1.3:1
      • Driving Power: 60 Watts (typical)
      • Harmonics: 1.8 - 29.7 MHz > 50dB Below Peak Output
      • Intermodulation Distortion: > 35dB Below Peak Output
      • RF gain: 15dB
      • LCD Display
      • Power Supply: 230V AC - 50Hz
      • Tube: 2x 4CX800A (GU74B) Ventilated
      • Dimensions: (W x D x H) 470mm x 415mm x 190mm
      • Weight: 40 kg

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