AEA PK-232, 87, & 88 to DE9 comport
MFJ-1270 to ATARI TTL port

KPC-2 to Commodore 64 TTL port

TRS ColorComputer serial port to TNC2 ComPort

The most used DB25P to DB25P, 5-wire "hardware-handshaking" TNC to PC interface in PacketRadio.

KAM to Commodore 64 TTL port

TNC2 to Apple comport

"CoCo" to TNC DB25 comport (software handshake)

Hardware Handshake TNC2 to PC (clone) comport

TNC2 to MacIntosh SE

PacComm Tiny-2 to MacIntosh

MFJ-1270 TTL to Commodore 64 and VIC 20

AEA PK-87 TNC2 (clone) TTL to Commodore 64 or VIC 20 comport

PacComm Tiny II and 9 pin TNC comports to PC DB 9 male serial comport.