Common Links

The National Center for Supercomputing Applications
Computers & Communications
ICE Internet Connections for Engineering
The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers-IEEE (USA)
Tom's computer hardware guide - Smart guy, nice page
Semiconductor Subway
Telecommunications Information
Virtual Computer Library
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Communications and Telecommunications
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Computing
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Control Engineering
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Electrical Engineering
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Engineering
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Software Engineering
The Engineers' Club
The Library of Congress
Electric library
13600-term glossary
Acronym and Abbreviation Server
Telecommunication Information database
The EE/CS Mother Site
NASA Technology Network
STO's Patent Search System
IBM Patent server
A Directory of Wireless Industry
Wireless LAN and MAN
Practical electronic design toolbox
Electronics design and technology network
EE Design Center
Spread Spectrum Scene and RF/SS Consulting
Everything about modems
Communication news magazine
Electronic Newsstand
Electronic Engineering Times - the newspaper for engineers.

Digital Signal Processing

Analog Devices - DSP Files
DSP Research - Development Systems and Software
GO DSP Corporation - Code Composer
Harris Semiconductor - Digital Signal Processing Data Book
Motorola - DSP BBS Archive
Spectrum Digital, Inc. - Development Tools
Texas Instruments - Digital Signal Processing Solutions

Embedded Control and Microprocessors

AMD - Embedded Processors
Intel - Embedded Design Products
Motorola - PowerPC Information
Motorola - Microcontroller Web Server
Philips - Microcontroller Products


AMD - Flash Memory and EPROMs
Simple Technology
Xicor - Memory Products

Programmable Logic

AMD - Programmable Logic Devices
Xilinx - CPLD Products

Standards Bodies

American National Standards Institute
IEEE Standards
International Electrotechnical Commission
International Standards Organization
International Telecommunications Union

Companies and components information

AMD-Advanced Micro Devices
Applied Microsystems Corporation - Development Tools
Arthur Engineering - Electrical Resource Center
BMG Engineering, Inc. - Radio Direction Finding
CardLogix - Smart Cards
CERA Research - Embedded FAQs
Cyrix Dallas Semiconductor
Harris Semiconductor
Harris Semiconductor - Data Sheets
Hitex - Development Tools
Motorola - Data Sheets
Orion - Development Tools
OPTi - Chip Sets
Softaid - Development Tools
Tecra Tools - Test equipment, tools, tool kits
Texas Instruments
Western Micro - Many Online Databooks
EIO - electronics surplus source associating information with the distribution of electronics, computer and optical materials.
Search For ICs information
Products Database
CircuitOnline - Semiconductor Industries Service Directory
Data Bookshelf - Dan Burke

Resources at Schools

University of California, Berkeley - CPU Info Center
Dublin City University - Embedded Systems Resources
University of Massachusetts - Laboratory for Perceptual Robotics
University of Nevada - Engineering Electronics Shop
University of Washington - Human Interface Technology Laboratory